About Us

SAIRA Corporate Overview

A global leader in Engineering, Construction And Project Management. SAIRA is the Nation’s No. 1 choice for Engineering, Construction and Project Management.

Our diverse portfolio encompasses energy, transportation, communications, Oil and Gas, and Government Services. No matter how challenging a project or how remote its location, chances are SAIRA can handle it. That's because we bring an unmatched combination of knowledge, skill, experience, and customer commitment to every job.

While we work for governments and commercial customers, our projects have helped grow local economies and improve the quality of life for communities and people around the world. Time and again our work has demonstrated that the only limits on human achievement are those that we place on ourselves.



Building on a family heritage that spans more than 20 years, we will continue to be privately owned by active management and guided by firmly held values.



SAIRA's culture is grounded in integrity and respect. This means adhering to the highest standards of ETHICS. Our reputation as an ethical company is one of our most valuable assets. We stand by everything we do.



At SAIRA, quality means doing the job right the first time.  We've always delivered quality work, and we are continually striving to improve our performance through SIX SIGMA and other initiatives. 



We operate our business with the highest level of INTEGRITY - seeking the right Course of action in all instances. Our performance and success rests on a Foundation of honesty and trust worthiness



We are CONFIDENT in our process and in the quality of our work, so we can be direct, clear, courageous and bold. We encourage independent thinking as a demonstration of leadership.